Gramercy Pictures, MGM, United Artists, Directed by MICHAEL MOORE, Featuring JOHN CANDY, ALAN ALDA, RHEA PERLMAN, KEVIN POLLACK, RIP TORN, BILL NUNN,  (1995, 91 min)


WHEN:  Sunday December 14th 2014  1:15pm

WHERE:  Community Church NY, ASSEMBLY HALL 40 East 35th St. btwn Park& Madison Aves.



Hey folks it’s RESISTANCE CINEMA ANNUAL PARTY TIME!  This year we continue our tradition of lightening up and offering a fun movie. We’re sure you’ll find this Michael Moore directed political satire hilarious.  Please note that we are moving the venue from the Gallery room at 28 E. 35th St. to the larger Assembly Hall at 40 E. 35th St.  In this way we will merge with the other church festivities that begin at 12 noon.  Our film starts at the normal 1:15pm time.


We would also like to invite people to bring any special dish they’d like to prepare for our Pot Luck feast afterwards. We’ve had some wonderfully delicious plates brought by folks in the past and we’d like to continue that tradition as well.  In order to help us coordinate that effort better or if you have any questions please contact Esther Rosado ( -  212-683-4988 ex. 23)

Or   Linda Novenski (


In Michael Moore's zany political spoof, the U.S. president (Alan Alda) decides to wage a cold war against Canada in an attempt to reverse his slipping popularity, and as a result, he drives a small group of incensed Canadians to take matters into their own hands. Alda is the first president in years not to lead his country into war, which naturally means that his approval rating is dangerously low. The sure-fire way to boost his popularity is to start a war and demonstrate American superiority. Unfortunately, as his advisors point out, the U.S. has run out of enemies. That is, until Alda's National Security Advisor Stuart Smiley (Kevin Pollak) happens to catch a segment on the news about a brawl at a Canadian hockey game that began when local American sheriff Bud Boomer (John Candy) made a remark about Canadian beer.


This incident gives Smiley the notion to make the public believe that Canada is their new enemy. Determined to demonstrate the mighty power of America to the Canadians, Boomer gets a group of equally angry fellow Americans together to cross the border and perform the most serious of all Canadian crimes -- littering. However, the invasion is foiled and Boomer's numerous blunders threaten to turn a fabricated war into a real one. Written, directed, and produced by Michael Moore, Canadian Bacon takes lighthearted jabs at the differences between the U.S. and Canada, while also satirizing America's obsession with its military strength. The film features John Candy in his last complete screen performance.